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Process Chart

Design And Development Department

After confirming the project, Design and development department will evaluate the feasibility of molding and progress the CAD/CAM modeling to analyze, simulate, design, and draw the overall structure of the mold, detailed mechanism and cooling system. After all, we will integrate various materials and code the cutting paths of milling machine.

High Speed CNC Machining Center

High speed CNC machining center is in charge of operating, functioning and adjusting CNC machine, correcting cutting tools , coding the process parameter and directly cooperating with Design and development department to ensure the process is smooth and the mold is accurate. Also, High speed CNC machining center will arrange each CNC machine competently to increase processing efficiency.

Mold Manufacturing Sector

Mold manufacturing sector is in charge of grinding, polishing, measuring, assembling the mold and finally confirming all the details of the mold to make sure the mold can produce a standard plastic product.

Injection Molding Plant

Injection molding plant is in charge of testing the reasonableness of the mold, operating the injection machine, mass-producing plastic products. In the end, products will be assembled, packaged and shipped to customer.

Overall Planning Administration Department

Overall planning Administration department is mainly in charge of contacting and planning budget. To make sure the quality and progress are both achieve the primary standard. We establish the time line of each project and distribute the assignment efficiently, and then keep discussing with customers to confirm the detail and status.